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Pick of the Week…Makeup Remover Facial Towelettes

It’s late. You’re tired. You’re too lazy to take off your makeup. All you want to do is flop face down on your cold fluffy pillow and clock out. There’s only one problem. That voice in your head nagging at you about the breakout you’ll probably wake up with because you slept with your makeup on. The solution? Makeup remover facial towelettes. It’s a fast, convenient way to remove all your makeup and sleep stress free. It’s ideal to remove makeup and thoroughly cleanse your face and moisturize every night, but let’s be honest…it doesn’t happen that way.

Here I review my top 3 picks for facial towelettes. The first is MAC Cosmetics Wipes (, $19.50). These remove makeup very well, have natural botanicals to help sooth and brighten skin, and have glycerin to attract moisture. The second is the Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes (Drug Stores, $7). I love these wipes because they have Dead Sea salt which help to tone, brighten and clarify skin for a radiance boost. The third pick is The Body Shop Tea Tree Wipes (, $12). In the summer, my skin tends to get a little oily and I break out occasionally. Tea Tree helps to keep skin clean and clear of acne without stripping any natural moisture.

Enjoy my video review of my top 3 makeup remover facial towelettes!

Pick of the Week…The Body Shop Seaweed Scrub

Body Shop Pore Cleansing Seaweed Facial Exfoliator
Ingredients from the ocean are my favorite for face and body. They brighten, clarify, add radiance, and minimize pores. My pick this week is the Body Shop Seaweed Scrub ($14.50). This facial exfoliator is for normal/combination to oily skin. My skin gets oily in the summer, so I have to keep a close eye on my oil balance. Just a little excess oil can cause a breakout. The main purpose of the Seaweed Scrub is to minimize pores by sloughing away excess oils, dirt and dead skin before you cleanse your face. Here is my video review and demo of The Body Shop Seaweed Scrub:

Wonder Woman Makeup Tutorial

I love the new Wonder Woman makeup collection from M.A.C.! Everything down to the packaging is top notch. I got the Mineralize Skinfinish Powder ($35), “Lady Justice” eye shadow quad ($40), “Red Russian” matte lipstick ($15.50), “Wonder Woman” lipglass ($20), and “Themyscira” blue Opulash mascara ($15). There’s really no point in doing a review on this line because everything M.A.C. creates is amazing. I’ll cut to the chase and show you all my new tutorial!

Ask Marissa…Balancing Combination Skin

Jane Doe: I have normal / combo skin and in winter it usually gets a little dry…but this winter it’s behaving very differently. My skin is very dry in the cheeks and around the eyes, enough to where it is tight and uncomfortable most of the day. But my t-zone is just as oily as it would be in the summer and seems to be more prone to breakouts than usual. Any suggestions for how to tackle this? My current system is to cleanse with a normal cleanser, use a mild alcohol-free toner and moisturize with philosophy hope in a jar / eye hope for the eyes. I also exfoliate 4x a week and do an at home peel every other week.

Me: I would say stop using Hope in a Jar. Any oil on your face will make the oily areas worse. I don’t want you to waste your money though, so just use it at night with an oil control lotion on your t-zone. During the day, I would suggest MAC’s Studio Moisture Cream ($32). It’s safe for oily skin, but is very moisturizing. It gives time released moisture throughout the day and has spinach to help circulation. It will also add radiance to dry dull skin. Keep using your cleanser for normal skin, but switch to one with a toner in it. A toner’s main purpose is to pH balance your skin after using a cleanser that is too acidic. All of MAC’s cleansers a pH balanced, so you don’t need a toner. No toner= no irritating dry skin and no under-toning oily skin. Try MAC’s Creamwash ($19.50) or Green Gel cleanser ($19.50). Both are ok for all skin types.

Jane Doe: Perfect thanks! I haven’t tried any of MACs skincare maybe it’s time to give it a go. I think I’ll have to grab something from the Champale collection too.Champale was made for you! All of MAC skincare is made with natural ingredients. No synthetics. No animal testing. All cruelty free.

Jane Doe: I love everything in that collection, I really want the quad though. It reminds me a little of my fav MAC quad Liza eyes which is really really old but just very pretty neutrals. Does the MAC skincare smell good?

Me: Some of it has no fragrance. I don’t remember what Studio Moisture cream smells like, but the Green Gel cleanser is very crisp and clean. It’s got green tea and algae extract. Balancing combination skin can be tricky, but you will eventually get there with the right products.