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Maker Faire NC 2011 Video

I had the wonderful opportunity to be a volunteer at North Carolina’s 2nd Maker Faire. The Maker Faire that originated in my hometown of San Mateo, CA in 2006 is the largest DIY Festival in the world! Unfortunately, I had already moved out of the Bay Area in 2004, so I never got a chance to go to one until last year in Durham, NC. The Maker Faire NC 2011 was held in Raleigh at the fairgrounds and more than double the amount of last year’s attendees showed up! I got to meet some inspiring Makers and I wanted to share a little of my experience with all of you. If there is a Maker Faire near you I highly suggest you go. It’s great for little kids too! Enjoy my video!

Subscribe for Free Makeup!

Kitschkween is holding her very first contest giveaway! Subscribe to KitschkweenDIY on Youtube and Kitschkween on Vimeo. A user name will be randomly picked using an online raffler. The prizes are as follows:
Youtube Giveaway:
2 samples of That Gal makeup primer by Benefit Cosmetics
1 Deluxe sample of Posie Tint Cheek and Lip Stain by Benefit Cosmetics
1 Duo ended lip gloss in “Zone Out” and “Friends in High Places” By Benefit Cosmetics
1 Rollerball of “Miracle” EDP fragrance by Lancome
1 Giant Bow ring handmade by Kitshkween
1 Punky Rainbow ring handmade by Kitschkween

Vimeo Giveaway:
1 M.A.C. “Heartless” lipstick from the Venomous Villains collection
1 M.A.C. “Bite of an Apple” powder blush from the Venomous Villains collection
1 custom made signature “Kitsch” trucker hat handmade by Kitschkween

Dope right?

There are no strings attached to winning this free makeup. An email address isn’t even asked for, so no solicitation is involved. The same person can win both prizes if they have a subscription to both channels. All you have to do is subscribe to enter.
The winner will be announced once Youtube subscribers reach 200 and Vimeo subscribers climb to 100. The winner can only claim the prize if they send a message directly to Kitschkween’s Youtube and/or Vimeo inbox depending on which contest they win. Good Luck!!!

Pick of the Week – M.A.C. Gloss Texture

I am OBSESSED with MAC’s Clear Gloss texture gel ($18). The skin trend is changing to a more refreshing, dewy, moisture-drenched look that I am absolutely in love with. Dab a little clear gloss on the high planes of your face and you’re ready for a photo shoot. Here are some examples of new, natural beauty:

This gloss can be used anywhere on your body and face. Dab a little in the center of your smoky eyes and you’ve got vintage Hollywood glam. Mix it with pigments and/or glitter and you can create any color of lip gloss you want. Clear Gloss is so versatile, it’s worth the $18.

Marissa’s Pick of the Week – Ocillation Powerbooster

I’m not a “mascara everyday” kind of girl, but when I do wear it, I go all the way. If I’m going to be suffocating my precious lashes, I want to make sure they have the best protection and nourishment. Oscillation Powerbooster (Lancome, $39) protects and enhances your lashes using the best ingredients and technology at a reasonable price. This first vibrating mascara primer separates and coats like no other primer on the market. With just one coat, your lashes are visibly longer and thicker. Another coat boosts the effects of your mascara dramatically. Other comparable products on the market average at $100 per tube, but they can’t boost the effects of your mascara like Ocillation Powerbooster.

vibrating wand – 7,000 oscillations per minute give better separation, wiggles out clumps, and coats lashes 360 degrees so you don’t have to apply a layer on top of your lashes.
Cresentia Complex – Lancome’s exclusive cocktail with ingredients like jojoba oil and Vitamin B5 strengthen and condition lashes. Fragile or damaged lashes are nurtured and protected, and less hair falls out during mascara removal.
How to use:
Holding the button down, start at the base of your lash line and slowly comb upward. Don’t wiggle the wand from side to side (as most women do out of habit) or you won’t achieve the best results. Apply 1-3 coats, then immediately follow with your favorite mascara.
You can also follow this video tutorial on how to apply the Ocillation mascara: