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Monster High Makeup Tutorial: Frankie Stein

My first Halloween makeup tutorial ever is up and ready! My daughter and I are going to be Monster High dolls. I am going as Frankie Stein and she will be Lagoona Blue. This tutorial was intended for teens and adults since it requires a lot of makeup and lashes. Stay tuned for the Lagoona Blue tutorial for little girls.

Complete list of products used:

Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream
Make Up For Ever – shadow 72 (contour)
Lancome Shadow – Personal Style (highlight)

Urban Decay Super Saturated High Shine Lip Color – Adrenaline
MAC Dazzleglass – Radiant Jewels (limited)

Lancome Ombre Perfecteur (primer)
Lancome shadow – Personal Style, Drama
Make Up For Ever – shadow 72
Make Up For Ever Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow (brows and eye liner)
MAC Smolder Eye Khol
MAC Opulash Mascara
Japanese dollar store lashes (top)
Illamasqua lashes – 013 (bottom)

Thanks for watching my Monster High makeup tutorial!

Hot Topic Makeup Haul (with videos)

Get $10 Off a Purchase of $50 or more!

Yes. Yes. I know. I know. Hot Topic is just another corporation that exploits a subversive culture, and flourishes off the allowance of adolescent posers.


Remember the Kitschkween (that’s me for those of you who don’t know) motto: “Like what you like and don’t be sorry for it.”

A person shouldn’t have to prove their authenticity to anyone. If they like Britney Spears AND Siouxsie and the Banshees, leave them alone. If they have torn clothing with safety pins all over the place AND like to wear Nike shoes, leave them the hell alone. We are all trapped in a world where if a subculture is discovered by a greedy corporate monster, they will find a way to make it mainstream. So please. If you shop at Hot Topic because you don’t know where else to find awesome clothes and accessories or discover music you can’t hear on the radio, then don’t be ashamed. You can just quote the above highlighted statement when someone busts on you for being a poser.

Moving right along…

Here are parts 1 and 2 of my review:


Since you can’t really get a full sense of the swatches, here are some pictures:

Lip/Eye Pencils


Eye Crayons

Get $10 Off a Purchase of $50 or more!

Integrity. Love. Unity. – Why I Am a Kerli Fan

Deep in the woods of Estonia, a little Moonchild was born. Her free spirit, big heart and artistic soul could hardly confine this whimsical creature to such a tiny place in the world. Keeping her integrity, her passion for self expression made her into the surreal beauty known as Kerli.
Jay (hair guy for Pomps n’ Gloss) was who first told me about Kerli. Knowing my love for gothic-lolita style he said
 “You have to check her out on myspace. You would just DIE!!!”
And I did. I swear I couldn’t stop squealing. Then something magical happened. I pressed PLAY on the music box thingy, and it was all over. Not only was she the closest thing to my perfect doll, but her music was awesome too! I was hooked- a Kerli fan for life.
As I did a little more Kerli Googling, I found that I was drawn to her makeup (which she does herself). It was so clean, yet fantasy like. Everything she wore (which she mostly makes) and sung (which she writes all of) was an inspiration to me.

Now for the icing on the cake…
Kerli started the movement of The Moonchildren. A Moonchild is “one who belongs to a community of integrity, love and unity.” She is very spiritual and grounded. She is crafty and resourceful. She is original and generous.
If you know nothing about this amazing artist, you can learn more about her on her Moonchild Academy website where my makeup tutorial was featured. She offers free downloads of her music and you can see all her videos (all the concepts are hers) on youtube. She makes music videos, craft tutorials and video logs.
I hope you all fall in love with her like I did. She really is amazing. There is something for everyone to like about Kerli.

Kerli Inspired Gothic Lolita Makeup Tutorial from Marissa Rhoades on Vimeo.

Goth Kids Swap

Is it disturbing that it was fun to create creepy gothic stuff for a toddler? Is it more disturbing that Devil’s Rejects was a 4 year old’s favorite movie? Hell yeah! That’s why I joined this swap! Here’s what I made for a cute 4 year old girl who loves koi fish, Disney princesses, zombies, and the Devil’s Rejects. My Goth Kids Swap ¬†package had a ¬†a bedtime theme.

Group Shot:
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Gothic Tinkerbell slippers:
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Zombie Girl pillow:
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voodoo doll (complete with noose):
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a creepy ass sleep shirt that reads “Captain Spaulding for President”:
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and a punky koi fish neckalace handmade by me with sharpies and shrink plastic:
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