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Pick of the Week – M.A.C. Gloss Texture

I am OBSESSED with MAC’s Clear Gloss texture gel ($18). The skin trend is changing to a more refreshing, dewy, moisture-drenched look that I am absolutely in love with. Dab a little clear gloss on the high planes of your face and you’re ready for a photo shoot. Here are some examples of new, natural beauty:

This gloss can be used anywhere on your body and face. Dab a little in the center of your smoky eyes and you’ve got vintage Hollywood glam. Mix it with pigments and/or glitter and you can create any color of lip gloss you want. Clear Gloss is so versatile, it’s worth the $18.

Killer Kween

My partner has received her package for the “Craft My Favorite Decade” swap, so I can post some of the stuff I made now. She liked the 18th century, so my crafts were inspired by Marie Antoinette. I did some research and watched both he PBS documentary and Sofia Coppola (very dissapointing) movie. I loved the tote bag so much, I made 2!

I’m starting with my favorite item. This tote bag is so awesome! I’m not a great sewer, but I gave myself a pat on the back for design. To think, I just had these scraps of fabric and lace laying around my craft room.
Photobucket Photobucket

This ruffle collar/neckwarmer was knitted in acrylic, then embellished with gray lace and gi’normous buttons.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Trinkets included chandelier earrings (real and fake), crocheted cuff, a ring, cell phone charm, silhouette necklace and “Let them eat cake” mirror.
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

My partner also liked the 50s, so I tossed in some retro nautical-ish things.
Nautical earrings:

Nautical hair clip

Mermaid and hibiscus necklace

I sent a few more things, but nothing worth blogging about. Thanks for looking!